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Aromatherapy Body Massage 90mins

Aromatherapy Body Massage 90mins


Use Rice Bran Massage Oil to massage


  • Introduction

    Create Healing Aromatic Massage


    Aromatherapy Body Massage works on the principles of touch and smell. Smooth, flowing movements blend with indigenous aromatherapy notes in this gentle and relaxing therapy inspired by Sooco. Sooco’s masseuse uses traditional massage techniques to optimize penetration of the Rice Bran Massage Oil into the skin. Rice Bran Massage Oil is comforting and helps promote restful sleep.



    Healing Benefits of Aromatherapy Body Massage

    .Balance the central nervous system
    .Improve sleep quality and reduce anxiety
    .Reduce pressure and eliminate fatigue
    .Relieve headache pain



    Applicable to ladies, who may have:

    .Physical and mental fatigue

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