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Himalayan Salt Stone Body Massage 90mins

Himalayan Salt Stone Body Massage 90mins


Himalayan Salt Stone Body Massage

  • Introduction


      • Our professional masseuses use pure organic Rock Salt Stones from the Himalayas, heat them to an acceptable temperature, and with our own SOOCO Rice Bran Massage Oil blend to give you a relaxing body massage. The smoothness of the natural Salt Stones instantly turns into a massage tool full of energy and gentle touch, allowing every inch of your skin to enjoy a stress relief experience like never before. The unique effect of rock salt hot stone massage helps you relax tensed muscles, remove dampness inside the body, eliminate body fatigue and aches, improve sleep quality, and quickly restore your body vitality. It is one of the best massages to fight fatigue Hong Kong people.


    Healing Benefits of Himalayan Salt Stone Body Massage

    • .Rough skin (anti-inflammatory, whitening, smooth body)
    • .Skin conditions (acne/acne scars/keratosis follicles)
    • .Prone to disease (remove pathogenic moisture toxins)
    • .Stiff areas (deep muscle relaxation)
    • .Easy to get tired (enhance blood circulation)
    • .Physical weakness (Excess body heat, cold limbs)
    • .Edema, prone to obesity (draining excess water)

    Applicable to ladies, who may be:

    • .Physically and mentally tired Hong Kong female
    • .Light sleepers, insomniacs
    • .Care about your own health
    • .Stiff shoulders, neck, waist, and upper back
    • .Fear of pain and being pressed by hand
    • .Carpal tunnel syndrome or chronic disease
    • .Never tried rock salt/hot stone therapy
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