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Salus Talent A 30mins

Salus Talent A 30mins


KFDA • CE  Electromagnetic Stimulation
30 MIN - ONE machine with 3 effects

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    Salus Talent A

    ‧Increase muscle and Reduce fat

    ‧Improve Pain Problem

    ‧Rehabilitate weak pelvic muscles

    Salus Talent A ─ Non-Invasive, No Exercise, No diet

    KFDA • CE

    Salus Talent A

    muscle training

    The non-contact electromagnetic field technology aims at stimulating the motor neurons of the muscles to make the muscles perform high-intensity exercises. 30 minutes can perform 30,000 exercise contractions, strengthen the muscles, and accelerate the metabolism of fat.

    Salus Talent A

    Growing Demands on Feminine Health

    Urinary Incontinence (UI) is an uncontrolled urine leakage caused by

    - Aging

    - Vaginal delivery

    - Pelvic floor surgery

    - Radical prostatectomy

    - Chronic prostate inflammation

    In June 1998, US FDA approved electromagnetic stimulation as a method of conservative treatment for urinary incontinence to restore neuromuscular control and rehabilitate weak pelvic muscles

    Salus Talent A

    Improve Pain Problem

    The strong magnetic field (applying eddy current deep inside) passes through clothes, tissues, and bones, which stimulates the region of treatment deep inside the body.


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